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Total War: THREE KINGDOMS – Update 2 Beta

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The second update for Total War: THREE KINGDOMS is now in beta!

This patch chiefly addresses stability issues, along with some high-priority changes in response to player feedback.

To read the full patch notes, including instructions on how to opt in to the beta, click here: https://www.totalwar.com/blog/total-war-three-kingdoms-update-2-beta

EDIT: For those of you having issues accessing the blog post, here are the patch notes in plain text:

This is the second post-launch update for Total War: THREE KINGDOMS and chiefly addresses stability issues along with some high-priority changes in response to player feedback.

Our patching focus in the short term is very much on addressing stability concerns, though we will add extra items where they do not further risk stability.

Over time, we will move from immediate stability fixes to more widely spaced updates addressing balance and other changes.

There will be plenty more updates to come, so if you’re experiencing an issue please head to our support forums and report it.

This update is offered as an opt-in beta as we continue to work on further fixes and improvements. To get the update, please follow these instructions:
  1. Right-click on Total War: THREE KINGDOMS in your Steam library
  2. Click Properties and click the Betas tab
  3. In the drop-down menu, select the update_beta option
  4. Close the window and your build will automatically update
If you experience any unexpected issues with this beta update, you can roll back to the previous version by repeating the instructions above and, in the betas dropdown menu, selecting None. If you do experience any issues, again please head to our support forums and report them.

  • Several further known crashes have been addressed
  • All multiplayer lobbies should now be clearly visible
  • Russian and European users should now be able to see Chinese text written in chat
  • Removed some inappropriate character names that were being applied to generic characters
  • Reduced Yuan Shao’s desire to vassalise every faction under the sun. This is a first-pass balance change, and we’ll be observing his behaviour and player feedback over the coming weeks to assess if further changes are required
  • Generals without the Cruel trait will no longer trigger the Flogging the Troops event. This means Liu Bei will no longer receive this event
  • The event that causes Zhao Yun to join Liu Bei’s faction now triggers correctly
  • Reduced the probability of the Dong Zhuo Dies event triggering
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