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Ancient City of Quintex Landmark stealth NERFED

RoksoRokso Posts: 5Registered Users
I started a new Morathi campaign and found out the Sanctum of Quintex building chain is heavily nerfed.

The public order bonus due to lack or presence of corruption was removed from stages 1 and 2, and reduced to 50% for stage 3.

This was not mentioned in any patch notes.
This nerf applies to all factions that occupy the city.

I would really appreciate the reason for this change; she already has public order issues as a dark elf with slave economy. This only makes expansion as Morathi harder as going into lands without corruption will just rebel constantly until corruption builds up. Making Legendary Morathi campaigns a slog of constant rebellions. If the corruption public order bonus needed to be nerfed because of other factions controlling the city, then nerf it for the other factions and not Morathi.

At least update the Doomsayer patch notes to reflect this change.

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