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Toggle to force historical events?

LordYanLiangLordYanLiang Registered Users Posts: 2
I'm part of the vocal group that loves the lore of Romance and wants to have a playthrough where all events for a faction trigger. Why? Because yes, a sandbox is fun, but it's also fun to live through the story as told, with a particular developer's creative liberties. Now I understand that some people prefer a sandbox, or prefer a playthrough where events have a chance of occurring rather than being guaranteed -- and quite frankly I would want to play both a forced "historical" playthrough and a "We'll see what happens!" playthrough. So maybe, instead of just making it so all events either do or don't have mandatory trigger, maybe just have an option at game start that forces a faction's campaign the way it was meant to be played? Something where officers belonging to a certain faction appear every time at the same time (or relatively at the same time) from a multi-playthrough perspective, and any events a faction is supposed to experience happen every time at their set times, including the universal events (Dong Zhuo's death, Sun Jian's death, etc.). That way people can have their cake and eat it, too.

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