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Bug: Character Trait Bars

justian17justian17 Posts: 24Registered Users
This one's a quick one and comes with screenshots: the character trait chart bars don't match with their actual values. For example, in the screenshot below, you can see Cao Cao's Cunning trait is far higher than his Instinct trait, but the instinct trait looks like it is much higher. For comparison, I've included a screenshot where I focus on his Authority bar as well, which is displayed properly.


  • BoombastekBoombastek Posts: 2,006Registered Users
    Every general start with base amount stat.

    Base stat not 0. It around 35

    So you had 41 instinct, 2 instinct gave around 1% dmg.


    6/2=3% dmg.

    You had 3% dmg. What a problem?
  • justian17justian17 Posts: 24Registered Users
    Those are all nice figures, @Boombastek , but what do they have to do with my question? Cunning, for example, is supposedly really high (106/200), so the blue bar for cunning should be more than half full. Are you suggesting that the numbers in the on-hover pop up and the character status bar aren't related? Is there info somewhere about precisely how this breaks down? Thank you!

    ... At the very least, this is misleading.
  • Octavius_5Octavius_5 Senior Member Posts: 271Registered Users
    The bar fills up twice. At 100 the bar will be completely full with a skinny color indicator while at 200 the bar will be full with a fat color indicator. You can see this in your screenshots where Cunning has a full skinny bar and just a small fat bar starting to form and similarly Authority has a fat bar almost completely full with just a tiny bit of skinny bar left since the value is 196/200.

    The bars work correctly, I think you are just missing the differentiation between the initial fill of the thin line and the second filling of the bar with the fat line once legendary status has been reached at a value of 100.
  • justian17justian17 Posts: 24Registered Users
    @Octavius_5 ... oops. Yes, I was missing those. Thank you. Sorry everyone!

    On a side note - why make a bar out of 200 that fills in twice instead of a one out of 100 that fills in once? Seems backwards to me, but meh.
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