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In ProgressArmy and agent notifications/reports bugged. Banners and portraits of wrong factions.

AdrianKarrantzaAdrianKarrantza Registered Users Posts: 38
edited June 2019 in Campaign & Battle Bugs
  • Build: v.1.6.1 10846.1659377
  • Description: I experienced this problem playing different campaigns (Mortal Empires), and always in late game. Sometimes, when an enemy agent/army activity notification pops up, it usually shows a wrong image that does not correspond with the actual agent/army that has carried out the action. In this case I was playing Clan Angrund, chasing a Warherd of Chaos, when a "Ambusher discovered" notification popped up. However, instead of showing the image and banner of the Warherd of Chaos faction, it showed the banner of the High Elves Rebels and the portrait of an elven general (see PICTURE 1). When I finally defeated them, the battle report showed the wrong image again, although it reads "Warherd of Chaos" in the description below (see PICTURE 2). This also happens with agents, rebellions (showing an image of Dwarven Rebels instead of Skaven rebels for example), etc. Please, this is an old problem that has not been fixed yet, so we would be very grateful if it is fixed as soon as possible, because it is really annoying. Thanks.
  • .save files attached.
  • .log file attached.
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