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Possible Multiplayer bug with Tyrant faction

SpeakingAxeSpeakingAxe Registered Users Posts: 1
edited June 2019 in Multiplayer Bugs
Hello so I wanted to bring a possible issue to light unless I am just mistaken. So I was playing as Tyrant faction my friend as Ma tang we were going to do a co-op iron man sort of play though. Either way he is hosting and the event in which Dong dies will randomly trigger super early each time, and I have no way to stop it. Is this intended? I know you are supposed to be able to befriend Lubu etc in story mode. So is there no way to keep yourself from dying online? It triggers as if the AI was in control of the faction at random. I was thinking this is the case cause for one I am playing online, and not the host maybe? It isn't very fun to have no way to keep your leader from dying at random online least. So I wanted to make a post about it - maybe some dev team members know if this is intended or bug? Least if playing him online is there no way to stop it?

Enjoying the game so far - simply wanted to bring something that might be an issue to light. Thanks.

EDIT 6/14/19: This was posted on version 1.0 I'm pretty sure - I know least this is linked to multiplayer. There is no option to follow the story like say Cao Cao does when you are playing as him online. Possible if we could know if it's a bug or intended?

If you wanted to reproduce what I'm talking about just host a game have someone play as tyrant and your bud anyone else. You'll never get choices about dao chan or lubu and just die off randomly with the event as if you weren't even a player faction. Kinda ruins the feel of his faction online.

Thanks again.
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