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Family Tree Adjustments Needed

R3llecR3llec Registered Users Posts: 6
First i wanna start by saying i found a bug where if u divorce your wife then adopt her then marry her to another all of their children will appear as your children and theirs therefor messing up the entire family tree.

Secondly i would like more options in the family tree like in Rome 2 you could at least choose to hide the dead from your family tree to not make it so crowded, I hate having a huge family tree it makes it harder for me to keep track of who's who's child and what they are in relation to me.

I would like to be able to hide anyone i want from my family tree one thing that has always annoyed me is if i marry my daughter away to another faction i still see her and her new husband in my family tree, this has lead me to not marry away anyone in my family again since i can't choose to hide them from my family tree. Just have a button saying "show hidden" then you can just hide anyone u want.

Might just be a me problem though i am sure not as many people care about the family tree.


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