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ArgoedArgoed Registered Users Posts: 1
edited June 2019 in General Discussion
Dear all,
This is a minor rant regarding the use of language in TW games. It seems some developers prefer all their game factions to speak a single language (i.e. English) albeit with cheesy accents. I’d thought that TW had broken this lazy habit, in particular I was impressed with their efforts with Napoleon Total War, not only did the French speak French, but Prussians and Austrians spoke German and Russians spoke Russian while even NPCs like Sweden and Italy spoke Swedish and Italian – which all made for a great game.

Then we came to Thrones of Britannia, and what happened? The Welsh all speak English with accents like Windsor Davies, the Irish appear to have popped out of a Guinness advert babbling away in Anglo-blarney and on it went – very, very disappointing. Considering that Irish, Scots Gaelic, Welsh, Norwegian and Danish all have their own TV channels, radio stations, newspapers and magazines why aren’t these factions using their own language in Thrones of Britannia? It’s obviously not a logistics problem but rather a sad case of TW spoiling the ship for ha’porth of tar.

Come on TW you can do better than this.
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