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Rotting Leviathan

Odysseus95Odysseus95 Posts: 54Registered Users
edited June 15 in Balancing Discussions
I was looking at the statistics of this guy, and I found something of a conceptual conflict. I realise that the Rotting Leviathan is supposed to be the tank monster, being both undead and having 150 armour, but low/middling weapon strength (they removed the missile resist from the crabs in the beta I believe). In essence, he's just a larger Rotting Promethean.
However, for some reason, unlike the Rotting Prometheans (38MA/42MD), his MD is lower than his MA (52MA/42MD). I find that rather odd.

My thoughts were to switch around his MA and MD (42MA/52MD) to better reflect his identitity as the ultimate undead tank monster.

Any thoughts?


  • EnergyzedEnergyzed Posts: 298Registered Users
    It is a good monster, picked on many occasions. Some factions alredy have trouble dealing with it as you have to also build your army around massive gun lines. Also, higher MD than MA has more value on these type of units that tend to get surrounded.
    So from my point of view, better to leave units that are working fine as they are.
  • Green0Green0 Posts: 4,994Registered Users
    it's perfectly balanced now and as such shouldn't be touched.
  • saellsaell Posts: 471Registered Users
    Cylostra on leviathan also gets a nice 10%pr on top of 150 armor which is quite nice
  • RiggsenRiggsen Member Posts: 2,598Registered Users
    edited June 16
    I probably play as much Coast as anyone, and I think they’re fine as is. They’ll lose badly in a straight up duel against anti-large monsters, and even to things like giants and halberd demis, but they have healing to compensate and gunners to protect them. Ain’t broke, so don’t fix them.
    "CA WHY U NU UNPOOP GAME" (Dank TW meme of 2011)
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