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How do you reveal an ambush ?

GhostilityGhostility Posts: 15Registered Users
The AI just moved one of its army in my territory and used ambush stance (the army "disappeared in a forest in the middle of my land).

How do you reveal the ambush so that you can engage the army ?

I don't particularly want to run into the ambush if I know exactly where it is ... :p


  • tadakatsutadakatsu Junior Member Posts: 389Registered Users
  • RobG4RobG4 Posts: 82Registered Users
    edited June 15
    There is a % chance of the ambush succeeding every round. If you don't see him, he is successfully ambushing.

    You can either wait him out until he moves or fails his % roll one round and is revealed, or run into him to force him into an engagement (by being ambushed).
  • MortenKEMortenKE Posts: 376Registered Users
    if you know exactly where he is then move close to his position (essentially just outside his circle) and move in very small steps towards him. it will say ambush failed and have a normal battle (doesn't work 100% of the time but most of it from my experience)
  • tadakatsutadakatsu Junior Member Posts: 389Registered Users
    not exactly if you run into their ambush the rng still is there it depends on your% to avoid and his to pull it off but you dont have to simply wait for him to move running into it still gives the chance it will fail or succeed
  • MortenKEMortenKE Posts: 376Registered Users
    Otherwise try to preditc where he is going and set an ambush for him
  • TropicdragonTropicdragon Posts: 101Registered Users
    Place a big army in ambush stance next to him and use a small 1 - 2 general army to lure him into your ambush.
  • GhostilityGhostility Posts: 15Registered Users
    I ended up setting an encampment nearby and won the fight, but putting your own ambush seems like a good idea :smile:
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