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Soteks mortal empires campaign sucks

SpesstacoSpesstaco Registered Users Posts: 9
edited June 2019 in Feedback & Suggestions
Decided to try out the new dlc on the mortal empires campaign since I have always wanted to be able to sacrifice captives for rewards

Its turning into the most dumb and troublesome campaign ever. I have won every battle i have been in with no full unit losses, despite skaven going into almost a full march and ambushing me from really far away....and the vampire coast conviniently attacking me anytime i try to attack skaven. I have almost no gold despite only having skink units, i can barely attack due to public order thanks to skaven corruption. And when i finally built the god awful idea and waste of a building that lets you find skaven undercities and not take penalty for corruption; a rogue elite chaos army took over the skaven stronghold i was trying to take.

I would have taken the skaven stronghold sooner but anytime i finally dealt with other attackers (oh yeah and if CA could read some lore that would be nice cus skaven literally hired a dwarf army to declare war on me 2nd turn of the game...and this was a cpu..then again who knows maybe that happened in one book and i missed it) i would have to wipe out 2 full stacks of skaven...then still have to deal with a full stack on a garrisoned settlement when my army was wounded. Because the skaven cpu with only 2 tier 3 settlements had 3 full stacks and instantly recruited more and more.

So after chaos took one city i tried to move to the next one. Then the skaven cpu literally charges way out of the city to a long distance ambush attack against me despite chaos being right outside their city (and them being at war), loses to me and now the elite chaos army has that too. This is in the very beginning of the game. Now if i want to finish conquering my region i have to fight chaos knights and artillery and all the other high tier units they have with the skink army thats wounded that I have. Not to mention a full stack of beastmen is taking literally all of my gold income with raiding.

This isnt the fun kind of hard where battles challenge you and the cpu thinks of ways to defend and when to attack. Its dumb events and cpu cheating the economy very blatantly. With everyone conviniently always focusing you instead of staying alive and randomly spawning beastmen to raid your area.......and despite having points into campaign movement range still struggling to get anywhere in the jungle...cus its not like the books established that skinks were able to traverse the jungle well.

Did anyone bother to playtest this new dlc in the mortal empires campaign???

Please fix the AI

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