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Make your vanilla TW: WH3 race roster and main story.



  • DraculasaurusDraculasaurus Registered Users Posts: 3,705
    edited June 2019

    See, my concern is coming from the opposite direction: If they make Nagash accurate to Tabletop will have a unit that's more powerful than Kroak, from turn one, making literally every battle completely pointless. Your whole army can be disbanded, because you can just use Nagash to curbstomp anything you come across.

    What if that was the whole premise of the campaign? You get your one OP lord but in order to access anything other than utter trash chaff and summons you have to mostly survive just using that lord, and every other faction hates your guts? To actually have access to a halfway decent roster or other armies you'd have to accomplish a series of difficult campaign goals.

    On OP lord might be fun, but if he's all you have? I think a campaign could be balanced around that.
  • rafantomasrafantomas Registered Users Posts: 649
    A lot of chaos lore expected for WH3 is there any official comment on CA going all the way with CHAOS for WH3?
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