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Legendary Lords and bonuses

RobbanKRobbanK Registered Users Posts: 3
So Im an avid if very average TW warhammer player(playing mostly on hard or VH depending on how miserable the start is), alot of the legendary lord and to an extent some regular lords(high elf and power named dark elfs), have serious upkeep and general buffs to specific units, how strict are you guys with abusing that?

As an example, when I play HElf with Tyrion, I red line the combined arms and archer buffs, play him with pretty much all spears/archers/silver helms/Bolt thrower to make that stack super efficient, I then bring in Alastar and go mostly white lions and archers/sisters on him and I keep them like that for the rest of the campaign, maybe adding a dragon or two on Tyrion to weather through in the lategame. Its to the degree that the only thing i use Tyrion's recruit bonus to LSG for is to ship them of to other lords.

Likewise for kroq-gar I go saurus/riders with the redline buffs, sprinkle in a dino and a flying unit or two, otherwise I keep him like that for the campaign.

Do you guys switch up the armies later to make them doom stacks or do you play like me and get other lords to carry that load if it is ever needed? I feel like the concentration of power rarely help except for quest/final battles, and the economic saving and investment in red points I've almost always committed merit that I keep them as is with just a sprinkling of a big hitters like the a cannon, dragon or dino

the exceptions to this dilemma is ofc LLs like Malekith and big Maz, since they give upkeep benefits to powerful units like TG and BG, so I never feel like Im missing out.

Anyways, just curious to how people prefer to play them out


  • Vanilla_GorillaVanilla_Gorilla Registered Users Posts: 19,343
    I tend to go with them. Though efficiency be darned I go for theme armies. E.G Tehenhaun having no Saurus in his army or Kroq only having Saurus.
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  • EterlikEterlik Registered Users Posts: 122
    i mostly build balanced armys so that each lord can fight its own battles.
    But i'm also using a mod called "Unit Rarity" which gives every race(Player & AI) the recruitment amount limit as Tomb Kings have. So i'm also facing mostly balanced stacks as enemies.
  • FloppingerFloppinger Registered Users Posts: 418
    I kept Spearmen, Archers and Lothern Seaguard as for a long time in my Vortex Campaign as Lothern. But in the end I switched to elite lineups due to enemy doomstacks triggered by the later rituals.
    The Chaos stacks full of chevroned up Chosen and Knights became a bit overwhelming at some point.

    Regular enemy armies where mostly fine to deal with, although Tyrion did make the switch to elites when his army got absolutely butchered by a Skaeling army consisting of 3 Mammoths (the armoured ones), 2 Giants, 3 or 4 Armoured Skinwolves and rest mostly Marauder Champions (most of them with 2 silver chevrons or more). That and Noctilus´s army ful of max chevron crabs where the notable exceptions when it came to regular (non ritual) AI armies.

  • Ol_NessieOl_Nessie Registered Users Posts: 4,090
    I play in a similar way. I'm something of a hoarder when it comes to units as I don't like to disband any units I've already recruited. So my armies will usually end up being fairly evenly powered when it comes to the late game. I do like doing themed armies, but even then, my elites are meant to enhance the bulk of the army, not BE the bulk.

    I like the idea of fielding armies that are at least somewhat consistent with the lore and I like making use of a race's entire roster. So for Dwarfs for example, I won't ever have more Longbeards in any one army than I have Warriors, Quarrelers, Thunderers, Rangers, and Miners. So maybe 3-4 LBs total and 6 units between the "militia" troops. I'll have no more than 3 units between Hammerers and Ironbreakers (so 1 and 2 or 2 and 1), max 2 units of Slayers (unless it's Ungrim), max 3 units of artillery, maybe 1 Gyro, and 2 Heroes tops.
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  • RikRiorikRikRiorik Registered Users Posts: 8,339
    edited June 2019
    The few that have bonuses to weak early game units I don’t generally keep with those kinds of units. Archers for Tyrion don’t really fall into that category. Even in late game they are quite useful. Spears do tend to get chewed up super fast in melee though. I usually shift over to large quantities of Lothern Seaguard with sprinklings of Silver Helms, White Lions, Phoenix Guard and Swordmasters.

    Kroq-Gar’s Saurus bonuses apply to one of the best early tier units in game so they do tend to get to stick around.
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