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Modding Question: shots per volley

EndOfPurityEndOfPurity Posts: 10Registered Users
Hi everyone,

I had a modding question about the shots per volley mechanic.

Adjusting it currently will only change the damage over 10 seconds calculation, and does not actually initiate additional shooting animations before the reload time as it’s name would indicate.

I found a thread on steam mentioning that this is a bug that CA originally found a year or so ago when they did some balance changes to the hellblaster volley fire unit.

Has there been no fix for the bug or is there just something I am missing, like a related table that needs to also be adjusted?

If it hasn’t been fixed and there are no additional tables outside the projectile tables that need to be adjusted for this, then has anyone in the community found a workaround to create this effect?

Thanks for any help anyone can offer.

Side question(possibly related) are there ways to open up both the animation tables and the animations themselves in TWW2? Or just .anim and anim.meta or .meta files in a readable fashion?

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