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Vassalization making the game unplayable - general issue, not only Yuan Shao. Assembly Kit pls asap

ZeardZeard Registered Users Posts: 6
Version of the game: 1.1.0 update beta, date 19.6.19 Only modded thing is taht you can recruit all units for all generals.

AI can vassalize factions of equal strength to the master faction.
It is an issue concernig all factions, not only Yuan Shao.
In save file on the next turn Cao Cao vassalizes Yuan Shu, who is as strong as him.
What's more Yuan Shu's global rank is 8, and Cao Cao's is 7.


  • BoombastekBoombastek Registered Users Posts: 2,134
    Yuan Shao fixed, game alredy losed all chalenge.

    Before update it was hard to deal with pre beta Yuan Shao, now game a ez.

    Ofc talk about Legendary difficult.
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