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Dong Zhuo - trade agreements?

foureyes85foureyes85 Registered Users Posts: 175
I was thinking about starting a Dong Zhuo campaign, I like having a challenge. However, I hesitate since Dong Zhuo starts with the Han Empire as a vassal and given how the game works right now I get penalized (I become untrustworthy or worse) if a faction breaks an agreement with me by attacking the Han Empire, which is likely going to happen. Given this is it worthwhile to sign trade agreements etc. with any faction except the Han Empire when one plays Dong Zhuo?

I was recently playing a Cao Cao campaign and ended up with a lot of problems after I had become treacherous due to a faction's attack on one of my vassals. I would like to utilize diplomacy in addition to brute force to win.


  • bingbangbongbingbangbong Member Registered Users Posts: 579
    Han Sui and ma teng can be brought into a stable coalition with you if played right, so they are fairly safe trading partners.

    In my current play through I formed a coalition with Liu biao instead, as he is another character who won't attack Han settlements at least for most of the early game, but even if not he will be a faithful trading partner for much of the early game as he dislikes sun Jian and yuan shu.

    I found that it's not until mid to late game that you start to experience problems with factions attacking the Han empire.

    Most trade agreements can actually be clinched by either using coercion or making a regular or one off payment that will be repaid in full within 10 turns of the agreement being made, so as long as they last long enough to be profitable, it's not necessarily a worry that you will be betrayed eventually.

    It's worth noting you start the campaign with -37 trustworthiness at least on legendary so you will have an uphill struggle trying to make any powerful friends outside of that little clique unless you decide to release the yuan family for +80 relations with yuan shao.
  • Judaka_LTMJudaka_LTM Registered Users Posts: 107
    No diplomatic penalties for allies attacking the han, I'd advocate betraying Han Sui and Ma Teng immediately as you can't afford to be backstabbed by them and they're unreliable allies with silk/ranches that you want, later you can trade with riverlands, kong rong, Liu Biao, Zheng Jiang, Shi Xie and some others depending on the game.
  • Whiskeyjack_5691Whiskeyjack_5691 Registered Users Posts: 3,361
    You can get a trade agreement with the Han Empire straight off the bat, and since they're your vassal you're essentially also increasing the money they pay you in tribute too. Most factions are already at war with you and the Han Empire to being with, and any others will be too far away or too small to be worth engaging with diplomatically anyway. That one's a no-brainer if you ask me.

    Han Sui and Ma Teng will also agree to trade agreements within the first few turns, possibly with a small incentive in the form of a cash payment or an ancillary. Provided you don't do anything to sour relations with either of them, they will also agree to form a coalition later on.
  • Misaka_ComplexMisaka_Complex Registered Users Posts: 2,354
    Liu Yao is also a nice and reliable trade partner for Dong Zhuo since as long as Liu Yao controls JianYe, you will be able to trade with him because JianYe is by a river.
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