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BUG: Archers will not stay put. Like herding cats.

BeingDSBeingDS Posts: 7Registered Users
I have tried everything I can think of to keep my archers from charging into melee, but they won't quit. Liu Bei campaign, Yi Archers.


Skirmish mode off (because I want them to stay put and shoot, not run around)
Fire-at-will off
Guard mode on
Yi archers are manually targetted, have ammo, and the enemy is well within range
Melee mode is off

Instead of staying in place and shooting arrows, the archers fire one or two volleys and then charge toward the target, requiring the player to manually pull them back and retask them with shooting arrows.

I regard this as essentially game-breaking, because I literally cannot spend more than ten seconds doing anything else in the battle because my archers have to be babysat.


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