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Events bug on campaign

JordyshawJordyshaw Junior MemberPosts: 7Registered Users
Hey, so when I attempt anything with a hero, it keeps displaying wrong information on the events board, the name of the target, the portrait is of a different character of another faction, sometimes it doesn't even display the name also.

Another is at the end of every turn, when someones been killed, or raiding is happening etc. The same again, wrong portraits of characters, enemies/ally names are not even showing up, just random graphics, commas, full stops etc.

Build v1.6.1



  • ArchilionArchilion Posts: 1Registered Users
    I am also experiencing a similar issue. Heroes and non-legendary lords will randomly have different names and race portraits, or no information at all in event popups. I have also noticed a few incorrect faction banners in battle notifications as well. So far this only appears to be cosmetic.

    Build v1.6.1

    I am using the following mods:

    Legendary Confederation 1.0
    Loyal Generals Mod

    I cannot load the save without enabling the mods, but in a co-op campaign I am playing with a friend there are no mods enabled and we have both observed the same issue in that game as well.

    I also verified my local files, which did not resolve the issue.

    These are screenshots I took, if that helps.

    Thank you very much.

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