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what culture pack to buy

TangerinaTangerina Registered Users Posts: 14
so steam sales are coming and i want to buy some dlc for attilla tw that are for factions
pls rate the ones by how fun u can get in the campaign



  • FungusHoundFungusHound Registered Users Posts: 2,672
    This is the Warhammer forum. We will gladly recommend Warhammer DLC but I believe you want to have the mods move you to another subforum.

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  • BillyRuffianBillyRuffian Moderator UKRegistered Users, Moderators, Knights Posts: 37,597
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  • HerrickHerrick Registered Users Posts: 220
    My ranking:

    1.- Celts: had a wonderful time migrating to gaul and creating my gaulic empire like their ancestors. RIP Vercingetorix.
    Campaign replayability: only one campaign feel like you experienced everything
    Con: playing with only one faction feels enough, the rest are the same and in the same location.

    2.- Desert kingdoms: every faction is very unique, great start positions and you have religious dilemas.
    Camping replayability: 5 tries

    3.- Viking forefathers: you can either expand into Britania, Russia or germany.
    Campaign replayability: 3 tries
    Con: they have the same roster as the Saxons.... Just play with the saxons, it's the same, the only difference is the location.

    4.- longbeards: provides very interesting campaign dilemas, you are not a horde, so you should create your German empire outside of the Roman empire.
    Campaign replayability: 2
    Cons: almost the same German roster as the others, close start positions.

    5.- Slavic: also have unique campaign dilemas, they play very distinctively than any other factions, you are supposed to defend the eastern front from the huns, recolonize and make farms.
    Campaign replayability: 2
    Cons: you are only fighting the huns all of the time, lack of diversity for enemies.

    I ranked the dlc's depending on the fun I had with the factions, I had a very great campaign with the ebdani and with the geats, that's why I ranked them high. I didn't put desert factions on number 1 because Himyar was the only faction that called my attention, I didn't like axum or the tanukids.

    I tried to write down pros and cons of each dlc, and I told my own subjective opinion on how I enjoyed the game. In the end pick the dlc if you like the culture or starting location.

  • TangerinaTangerina Registered Users Posts: 14

    This is the Warhammer forum. We will gladly recommend Warhammer DLC but I believe you want to have the mods move you to another subforum.

    @dge1 I SUMMON THEE.

    It might be to u but in my tw forum it says general discussion in attila total war
  • TangerinaTangerina Registered Users Posts: 14

    Moved to the Attila forum.

    Who are u the flash u are litteraly in all my discussion

    Thx for everything
  • DariosDarios Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 443
    My personal preferences

    1) The Desert Kingdoms DLC is easily the best culture pact ever released for Attila (or even Rome II). The unique starting positions (Ethiopia, Arabia, etc), the unique religions (Eastern Christianity, Semitic paganism, Judaism), the unique unit rosters, as well as being situated in a perilous position between the Persians and the Roman Empire provides an interesting challenge. Furthermore, this DLC offers a rare window into the world of pre-Islamic Arabia. Attila is a very chaotic game, but the Desert Kingdoms is where the game actually feels (relatively) calm and stable, and is ultimately where the game shines best.

    2) The Slavic Nations - If you are a fan of the cultures of Eastern Europe, playing Total War Attila can be a very frustrating experience. It doesn't matter how good of a player you are - if you try to defend Dacia or the steppe regions during the campaign, you're ultimately going to end up dealing with endless Hunnic death stacks (or the plethora of generic Germanic tribes) who will wreck your territory. The Slavic factions are the exception to this rule - being set up to re-colonize the devastated territories of Eastern Europe and are fully capable of actually defeating the Huns. Their unit rosters are a bit bland and disappointing, but their campaign mechanics are a thing of beauty.

    Those are the only cultural pacts that I really liked in Attila. The Longbeards do a good job of fleshing out Germania with unique unit rosters so it's a good option if you are interested in carving out a new home in Central Europe. The Viking factions were clearly a bad marketing ploy and are only really useful for invading Britain. Their rosters (and limited unique units) stand no chance of dealing with the Hunnic threat on the continent. The Celtic rosters are fairly interesting, but it does beg the question why would CA put so much energy into fleshing out their factions, but ignore historically relevant cultures such as Armenia.

    Interestingly enough, between the settled Romans as well as the nearby Celtic and Viking factions, Britain may be the most well done region in Attila's Grand campaign. That's great, but compare that to the lack of cultural diversity around Persia and you're left with feelings of what Attila could have been.

  • AttillaAttilla Registered Users Posts: 10
    For me it is Desert Kingdoms, Viking forefathers and Slavic nations in this order, ranked by replayability.
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