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Show Some Love to Wallachia and Moldavia in Total War Medieval

AkfizAkfiz Registered Users Posts: 3

Romania was never important in the play of major powers, which is why most historical games ignore Romania. The only reference to Romanians in the Total War series are the Dacians & Getae in Total War Rome. Can you make an update or DLC with Wallachia or Moldavia in Total War Medieval II ?

Their most famous rulers are:
- Basarab I the Founder of Wallachia 1310 - 1352 (won the indepdendence war against Hungary)
- Bogdan I the Founder of Moldavia 1307 - 1367 (won the independence war against Hungary)
- Mircea the Elder 1355 - 1418 (grandson of Basarab I and succesfully opposed the Ottoman Empire for a while)
- Vlad the Impaler 1431 - 1476 (everyone knows him, revolted against the Ottomans)
- Stephen the Great of Moldavia 1435 - 1504 (cousin of Vlad the Impaler, defeated the Hungarians, the Poles and the Ottomans)
- Michael the Brave 1558 - 1601 (defeated the Ottomans and managed to unite Wallachia, Moldavia and Transylvania for a small period)

Thank you for reading. Please, make it happen, it would mean a lot to many Romanians.
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