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Dilemmas and why they rarely or don't occur at all in Multiplayer.

Meowzington101Meowzington101 Posts: 2Registered Users
My friend and I have been enjoying Total War Three Kingdoms for about 100 hours now. It's been a blast, however over two or three campaigns I've wanted to play Dong Zhou, which I have unlocked. The first ten turns go so smoothly and then suddenly Dong Zhou dies, no events or any idea that Diaochan had even joined my court or anything. My friend, playing as any of the other characters get a notification that Diaochan is trying to infiltrate the Dong's court or however it's worded. I was just curious as to why these dilemmas never occur and even with save scumming its hard to get the Diaochan event to happen when playing Dong Zhou in multiplayer.

Has anyone else had this happen to them? If so do you know of any says to fix and or deal with this issue?
To any devs or CA representatives is there a reason why dilemmas seem to be missing in Multiplayer, and if so, why is a crucial one such as Dong Zhou dying forced upon me if I say wanted to play as Dong Zhou and not Lu Bu or Dong Min.

I appreciate any and all feedback and I thank you for reading this post. I hope you all have a fantastic day.
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