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Multiplayer campaign

Stoned_GandalfStoned_Gandalf Registered Users Posts: 1
Hey guys I’m new here,
I want to start multiplayer campaign with someone so I have few questions:

1.does anyone want to join me?
2.is the MC works good? What is the system requirements and internet to run MC without lags/bugs?
3. How many players can play in the Campaign?
4. Is there a Facebook community for RTW2 to find players to join me?
5. How the MC works ? Do all the players need to be connected for one to play his turn?

Thank you!


  • The_baronThe_baron Registered Users Posts: 568
    Hey !
    As you can see from the amount of responses to your post the multiplayer scene for Total War games is practically dead mainly because of design :).

    1. Its ironic a person needs to look for random players outside of the game he wants to play, shows the quality CA's multiplayer deigns. That being said I am not sure I am in the mood to join , but if you play DEI on legendary difficulty and looking for a competitive head to head we might get along.

    2. On release the MPC was crap but now after lots of refinements its working really well. If you got a good system and a decent internet connection you should be fine to play a stable game with people in your region. However the game is horrible at displaying this information in lobby, there is no way to know if your game partner will have a good computer or a trash one and there is no way to know why lags happen if they happen.

    3. Only two. Took them a decade to develop it now I guess it will take them two decades to get the number of players up. This is a real bummer as the game could shine with a larger number of players , co-op is to boring cause the A.I. is already to weak to be a challenge and head to head is to intense for some - larger numbers makes for a more fun environment to play even not for the most competitive players. There is no sign for any increase of players any time soon.

    4. I have no clue about any good place to find players , but as I said it would have been most logical to use the ingame browser to search for players ... but with the system in place you would need a miracle (staying in lobby with the game open and not using the computer for anything else till you get lucky and a person who wants to play what you want to play will get it) good luck.

    5. There is only two players max , so yes , there is a time limit per turn if you wanna use it but its not dynamic which means that if you play a turn in 1 minute on early game 100 turns into the game you should be able to complete your turns in 1 minute as well ;) the design is so good it makes my eyes tear up.

    Good luck on your endeavours !
  • StibokStibok Member Registered Users Posts: 64
    Down for campaign! Add me on steam, username: Stibok
  • menandrosmenandros Registered Users Posts: 30
    I would like to play with you but i have all redy 3 multiplayer campaigns who i am runing.If you want add me to your steam friends for the future. my steam name is "menandros" or [GREEK-MENANDROS] .
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