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Another Youtuber enters the fray

AshenninjaAshenninja Registered Users Posts: 1

My Name is Ashenninja and yes that's right, another Total War player has seen the massive glut and over fill of total war youtubers and has said, yeah I'd like to make generic let's plays and streams of Total War Warhammer 2. So with that very not thought out plan, boredom on my days off, and a terrible Australian accent that sounds like I'm half drunk half asleep and a proclivity for swearing randomly as I talk I have decided to throw my boomerang into the ring. I was promptly smacked in the face with said boomerang since the come back and I have no ability to catch.

So short hand version I'm a new Australian youtuber that plays total war.

Currently I am streaming every Friday at 9am AEST, and will begin posting VODs from a second campaign soon and I will be trying to spread out content throughout the week. My stream is currently Ikit Claw the green stuff sniffing warlock.

If you're interested in seeing the stream my channel is


If you aren't interested, well click the link anyway, mute the video and play it in the background anyway, or not, you know it's your choice

i'll be off doing whatever stereo type thing it is we Australian's do, drinking and swearing mostly


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