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SolvedReally long boot and in-game loading times

duburnsduburns Registered Users Posts: 3
edited June 2019 in Performance & Graphics
Here's some information about my PC:

Processor: Intel i5-9600k
RAM: 16 GB DDR4 3200
GPU: NVidia Geforce 1070 Ti
Installation SSD: Samsung EVO 500 GB SSD

I've ran stress tests on the processor and GPU, and both perform admirably. My read/write speed on the SSD is over 600 MBps. Though all my hardware appears to be working correctly this game takes forever about 5-7 minutes to boot, and in-game tasks take several minutes as well. On Task Manager the game is using about 26% of my processor at any given time, during which time it will alternate between periods of 'Not Responding' and sudden bursts of activity where in game loading text gets read, loading bars fill up partially, and my processor and disk usage spike moderately. It's acting almost like it can't find the file it's looking for and it gets stuck.

I've verified the integrity of the games files, and already uninstalled/reinstalled once. Does anyone have any ideas/has encountered the behavior before?

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