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[Mod] Rivalry and Nemesis status within the same army confer no bonus

randomGodrandomGod Registered Users Posts: 45
[Mod] Rivalry and Nemesis status within the same army confer no bonus

Having two nemesis characters on the same army confers whooping 50% ranged damage, 50% ranged armor penetration, 50% melee damage, and 50% melee armor penetration bonus at a penalty of mere 8 satisfaction malus vs +10 morale and 10% ranged defense for the character with two oathsworn characters which I think doesn't make any sense.

It incentivizes putting rivaling characters together since -8 relationship malus is meaningless unless characters are close to 0 satisfaction and even so easily manageable. I didn't like myself consistantly teaming up characters who hate each other to lead an army and it made no sense to me whatsoever.

The bonuses were probably intended for when characters are on the opposite side and they want to take each other down. Since I couldn't mod that in, I simply resorted to removing nemesis/rivalry bonuses all together.

Now there is a better balance between choosing combinations of close characters or simply good characters even if they hate each other.


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