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Administrator Independence

HeavenlyEmperorHeavenlyEmperor Registered Users Posts: 1
I was wondering instead of only 2 options for Administrator independence, which are grant it or deny if you could make it more dynamic.
Like have 4 options of either;
1. Accept +80 relations +10 Trustworthyness
2. Accept as vassal +40 relations they become vassal
3. Refuse and execution -20 Trustworthyness
4. Refuse and rebellion
Because everytime this option comes about I always refuse and of they end up hating me I just release them from service before they do anything. This way I won't be able to cheat the system and I think it will make the game even more dynamic.


  • KoganesagaKoganesaga Registered Users Posts: 101
    I kind of agree. Sima Yi always wants to have his ownfaction but I know what he can do so I always say no. After the third time he's at risk of leaving anyway so I strip him down of his items and banish him. Some alternatives to this would be nice.
  • RO37RO37 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 527
    edited June 2019
    Kinda feel like Sims Yi gets a bad rap unfairly. Although he basically gained dictatorial powers in the Wei Empire, he never accepted the Nine Dignities or ascended to a dukedom let alone a regal or imperial title.

    Luo Guanzhong wants to hold the Sims and Cao families responsible for the collapse of the Jin Empire and the foreign occupation of northern China that followed and smears Sima Yi, but it's hard to make a neutral case that he was anything but ambitious but loyal.

    His sons being another matter.
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