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Everybody declaring war on me

web1web1 Registered Users Posts: 2
Hello, I'm fairly new to total war, and Shogun 2 is the first Total War game I've played. I recently decided to start a normal campaign as Takeda, and I took North Shinano in the beginning. A couple turns after that, nearly all clans around me decided to declare war on me. I was able to fend them off with the power of Yari wall, and I even defeated the Uesugi and took their single province. My daimyo even got the trait peaceful because I made peace with so many people. I then defeated a weak clan next to me which held one province with the help of hattori, and then I started to build up another army to defend whilst I rebuild. Date, who was very powerful at the time, declared war on me along with Hojo, my former ally, who was also allied to Date. Then Ikko Ikki also declared war on me out of the blue. Is there a reason for this? Is it because my daimyo had the trait peaceful? If somebody could expand this to me, that'd be great. My daimyo's honor isn't low either.


  • web1web1 Registered Users Posts: 2
    Update: I defeat date's army but Hojo used their infinite amount of metsuke and bribed a large army of mine with a metsuke overseeing so I just gave up the campaign.
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