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Auto skill feature for Lords

HopesedgeHopesedge Registered Users Posts: 1
I've been playing TW:WH2 recently and my biggest problem with the campaign is how long it takes to manage all my different lords later in the game, with 25+ it takes quite a while to just level their skills, especially when you're just passing turns and their passive XP gain keeps levelling them, so I thought about it a little and figured that the best solution would be a "Build Path" saver would be really handy, I've heard there's a similar problem with Three Kingdoms in the late game, if you can save a skill build path and name it something, then when you want to have other lord level the same way (i.e I have lots of lords just garrisoning provinces with a Public Order / Untainted / Fast Recruit set up), since most of my lords are going to be using the same build path it'd be great if I could just select that 'path' that I'd have made before and saved (like armies in multiplayer can be saved). I'd save a lot of time and effort.

TL;DR There could be another "doctrine" menu that you can open and set up, which would design a skill path, they you have the option to assign units to those skill paths, so they no longer need management, it'd save a lot of time for someone like me who likes using lots of lords for their utility in provinces and potential to quickly create an army.


  • WojmirVonCarsteinWojmirVonCarstein Registered Users Posts: 1,242
    This might be a nice idea. However, I have to say that even after 100 hours of playing single player campaign, I have never had more than 25+ lords. Actually, I usually don't go over 10. By the time you have 25 lords, isn't the game over?
  • mightygloinmightygloin Karaz-a-KarakRegistered Users Posts: 3,647
    I also thought about this premade "build path" for lords and heroes. It would surely make things more practical.

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