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demigryph ctd WH2

woizerwoizer Posts: 3Registered Users
Im not sure if this is the place for it because the problem occured while running mods but im not sure where else to go.

i was makin different profiles for different races (kaedrins mod manager) so i tried a simple mod that changes the color of demigryphs to red. when i tried em in custom battle the demigryphs were horses and they were doing weird glitchy, stretchy things so i ended up deleting it but now when i try a custom battle with demigryphs it crashes but when i try the ror demigryphs it loads up fine. even when i start a completely vanilla game, no mods, no mod manager, no DX12 it crashes when fielding demigryphs..i reinstalled the game as well but still this issue occurs. so now i have no idea what to do


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