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Separatist Issues

TheCanaaniteTheCanaanite Registered Users Posts: 1
So currently in almost every campaign that I've played, all the AI factions take terrible care of their public order, resulting in mass insurrections and separatists armies, which wouldn't normally be a problem but eventually the separatist armies grow large enough that when it's their turn my game crashes to the desktop and there's no way for me to advance to the next turn, effectively ending that campaign. This has happened with multiple separatist factions, most prominently the Eastern Separatists, and the only way that I've found to resolve this problem is to hope that the separatist faction is near yours, go back a few saves and declare war on the faction to reduce its army count. I'm currently just playing with a cheat mod that boosts AI and player public order by +50 to avoid the insurrections, but obviously this makes the game too easy and I don't want to have to use it. Any suggestions of how to resolve this issue?


  • HerrickHerrick Registered Users Posts: 235
    Hmmm I don't experience that, what other mods are you using? The only separatists all over the place should be Roman.
  • AttillaAttilla Registered Users Posts: 10
    edited September 2019
    I never had any mods in Attila and I meet separatists other than Roman ones, although I admit they are not very common. Most commonly Eastern and African separatist, but never had any issues with them. Truth be told, with 900+ hours in the game I can't recall any CoDs in Attila. My bet would be this is mod issue, even disabling them doesn't help sometimes.
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