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What kind of computer do I need for a 4K Extreme Quality?

CrinloriteCrinlorite Registered Users Posts: 10
Hello, I've got currently this setting

Intel Core i7 4770 3.40GHz
Geforce GTX 1060 6GB
SSD Hard Drive

I can run the game almost Extreme on 1080p, but when I rise to 2K or 4K I need to decrease the quality a lot to keep a 40-60FPS stable, do you think that with a 2070 Super (Which's going to be released on 9th July) it'll be enough?



  • TyphoonBlazeTyphoonBlaze Registered Users Posts: 95
    big battle will not be on your side even if you have the best pc exist ,maybe now you can play 40-60 fps on extreme when you fight 40 units in the battlefield , 2070 super will be more than enough but your CPU will bottleneck it so much when you play total war , this game isn't really optimized on workload

    if you have the money maybe wait for another nvidia GPU , i always upgrading my pc in range of 2 generation gpu , my last gpu was 750ti now i have 1060 , but again it's all on your choice i just giving my opinion
  • psychoakpsychoak Registered Users Posts: 2,897
    So... yeah, what he said.

    I have an i9 9980XE, 128GB of ram, and a 1080 Ti. In a 4v4 custom battle at 1440P with maximum settings in Warhammer II, the GPU is sitting around 50% utilization. If I up the battle speed, there isn't much difference because it's already pegged and can't run faster.
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