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Rise of the Samurai - OUT NOW!

CraigTWCraigTW Lead Community Manager, The Creative AssemblyDat Horsham doePosts: 1,144Registered Users
edited October 2011 in The Archive
Hi all,

Just to let you know that Rise of the Samurai is now LIVE on Steam, as well as the huge accompanying free patch.

If you haven't picked the new campaign up yet, you can do so right here:

You don't need to get the DLC in order to receive the free patch, which includes new castle types for Shogun 2, a wealth of improvements and tweaks and 11 new multiplayer and skirmish maps.

You can find out more about Rise of the Samurai right here.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it.


The Creative Assembly
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  • ThePaLaDiN101ThePaLaDiN101 Member Posts: 87Registered Users
    edited September 2011
    weee its downloading
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  • Sir_Nicholas_AltmannSir_Nicholas_Altmann Senior Member Split, Dalmatia, CroatiaPosts: 1,967Registered Users
    edited September 2011
    Hurray! I love patches and DLCs!
  • SecuterSecuter Senior Member Denmark, Aarhus.Posts: 2,103Registered Users
    edited September 2011
    Downloading!! :D This is gonna be awesome!! (: Sure we'll love it Craig (Duh!) (;
  • StimorolStimorol Junior Member Posts: 1Registered Users
    edited September 2011
    Downloading!! Just a few more minutes!
  • KlunzKlunz Senior Member Posts: 1,436Registered Users
    edited September 2011
    Amigad? I thougth it would take like 3 more hours for it to be released!!!! Sweet!!! :)
  • vampirialvampirial Member Posts: 71Registered Users
    edited September 2011
    nope it will just take 3+ more hours of downloading XD
  • KlunzKlunz Senior Member Posts: 1,436Registered Users
    edited September 2011
    vampirial wrote: »
    nope it will just take 3+ more hours of downloading XD

    Nope, just finished downloading in like 5 minutes. :)(10% still to go though)
  • vampirialvampirial Member Posts: 71Registered Users
    edited September 2011
    lucky ppl with super fast internet, its gonna take me 5-8 hours to download the patch
  • S2totalwarfanS2totalwarfan Senior Member Posts: 153Registered Users
    edited September 2011
    Oh man! That is awesome except that im sitting in school and have to read all u guys already downloading the patch and DLC :S
    just 3 more periods and i can play as well :P
    have fun everyone thanks for realeasing it so early i thought i mighthave to wait till 8pm
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  • TylzenTylzen Senior Member DenmarkPosts: 1,142Registered Users
    edited September 2011
    I am sending a big batch of eHugs from Denmark, be ready to get them at CA Offices :D
    I wonder if this will affect my current campaign I am having with the Chokosabe..
    Oh well, I got Samurais to Raise! :D
  • Half_Life_ExpertHalf_Life_Expert Senior Member Oak Park, CA , USAPosts: 4,659Registered Users
    edited September 2011
    Hooray! I am downloading now!

    at 60% already! will be done anytime!!!! WOOOOOOOOOO

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  • jmaszkjmaszk Senior Member ...riding with the Sarmatae Auxilia...Posts: 1,297Registered Users
    edited September 2011
    Thanks Craig!! I can't wait to get home and start the new DLC campaign; after I finish downloading the patch of course;)

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  • GorocentralGorocentral Member Posts: 101Registered Users
    edited September 2011
    I'm loving it. GREAT expansion, thanks CA.
  • YoritomoYoritomo Senior Member Posts: 701Registered Users
    edited September 2011
    My Clanmate from Spain lost most of his veteran abilitys for his veterans. Clantokens are lost.

    Ok we had patch notes. But why in patchnotes it wasnt mentioned what happen?

    But Yari master gets +1 and Yagu Sword gets -1 so yari Samurai can match with Katanasamurai or what?

    The melee Monks Stats are like release again... with far better retainers available. Why nerf monks first, then buff them now, and the opposing army core is now nerfed?
    We see... what all comes to daylight.

    I dont buy DLC at this point, Coop and Versus dont work well, people of my clan told me.

    And some people can still use 2 Great Guards, 10 Loanswords and such... so much trouble shooting underway i guess.
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  • MinamotoMinamoto Member Posts: 69Registered Users
    edited September 2011
    Can't thank Creative Assembly enough for releasing my favourite historical era as a game!

    Well done! :)
  • ThuryFuryThuryFury Senior Member Posts: 103Registered Users
    edited September 2011
    The new campaign is really awesome!
  • CorpiusCorpius Moderator Posts: 885Registered Users, Moderators
    edited September 2011
    Too tired and too short on time to play it right now, but be sure I will dive in there tommorow.

    Great work as always guys! (both the DLC and, especially, the massive patch)
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  • iceniiicenii Senior Member The PhilippinesPosts: 1,251Registered Users
    edited September 2011
    RoTS now playing at a computer near you.Thanks CA.
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  • icek1981icek1981 Member Posts: 55Registered Users
    edited September 2011
    I have only a small question? Why there are no single new achievement to unlock for RotS?
  • Honda suzuki yamahaHonda suzuki yamaha Junior Member Posts: 2Registered Users
    edited September 2011
    Craig tw.. your a legend.. new dlc is awesome!!!! totaly glued to it!!!!
    p.s... my wife siad to tell you that she hates you!!!! lol...
    most stupid Tw games i would like to see :O.
    my little poney total war.
    sponge bob square pants TW. ( with mister crabs campaign,expansion)
    come dine with me total war.
    antiques roadshow total war.
  • ColPouttingColPoutting Senior Member Posts: 378Registered Users
    edited October 2011
    Great Expansion CA ! actually, best expantion you ever made till now guys. Thanks a lot to all people who worked on it, i'm having a blast!
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