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Total War 3 Kingdoms Military Alliance Warfare Bug

BobFossilBobFossil Registered Users Posts: 1
Greetings Internet.
I have just recently encountered a bug in regards to Military Alliances declaring war on me. When the allies are destroyed, leaving only one member left thus causing the alliance to dissolve prompts a diplomacy box to indicate that said faction has declared war on me. In this case its Yuan Shao (who would of guessed eh?) but when I click on his forces or settlements, which are tinted red to indicate we are enemies, nothing happens. Its like the command does not register and my force just remains still. But if I sign a peace treaty with them, I can now fight their forces and even siege their settlements, but when I check the diplomacy screen it shows that I am not at war with them.

I have tried looking for similar posts but I haven't discovered any relatable sources so far.

I'm actually currently fighting Yuan Shao right now while we are at peace, about to take the farmland of Ye Since he just took some land I bought just after last turn that bastard! while we are at peace too, that bastard!


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  • starkiller212starkiller212 Registered Users Posts: 2
    Yes, I'm having the exact same issue in my late-game Legendary Zheng Jian campaign I started after the update. It's a fairly complicated series of issues, and it's hard for me to remember every detail, as I can't load any older saves to verify how they developed over the past ~40 turns of shifting alliances and such. I do know that I was in 2 consecutive alliances that each seemed to dissolve when my only allied faction was destroyed, but ever since the diplomatic options and map filters have been inconsistent and confusing, such as showing a state of "alliance war" against other factions despite that no longer being the case.

    However, the result of the bug by turn ~150 is that I am simultaneously at peace & war with both the Kingdom of Wu and the Duchy of Song. I cannot attack any of Wu's armies or cities (nothing happens when right clicking on them, and my armies can't enter their ZoC), leaving half my forces confusingly stranded while Wu's own allies continue their own invasions into my territory. On the flip side, I am stuck in what seems to be an endless war with the Duchy of Song, because there's no option for peace in the diplomacy window (even though they're an independent member of an alliance, possessing a small legion of their own vassals which I obviously can't make peace with)--there's only some limited Trade & other options as if we were already at peace, but my fallen soldiers and cities would beg to differ.

    This is all quite frustrating, as I managed to get this far after migrating Zheng Jiang to Zangke in the southwest at the start (not easy on Legendary, lol), and this campaign has already provided of the most challenging yet fun situations I've had in TW3K. I really hope this bug can be addressed in a way that lets me resume this campaign!


    P.S. Thanks CA for the all the development and support efforts that have gone into this game so far, I consider it my new favorite entry in my longtime favorite strategy series!
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