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If you think about it....



  • uriakuriak Registered Users Posts: 4,437

    I've always thought the whole sexual hedonism angle with Slaanesh is the least interesting aspect of it. The obsession with beauty, decadence, and art is way more fascinating and I think lends itself to even better visuals. Daemonic painters, musicians, sculptors, poets, etc. A faceless daemon that paints new faces onto the blank canvas of its skin, hideous daemons with Dorian Gray style paintings that give them fair appearance, musician daemons who create harps out of sinew and play music that drives the listener insane, a sculptor that works only in flesh...

    Just feels like there's more potential there than so many other Slaaneshi units who have the somewhat incoherent visual design of "uh, there's some insect bits, maybe a bit of snake, and some boobs."

    I don't feel the sexual element has been played much with Slaanesh, unit and arwise. If you look at most current deptictions, it's mostly the "sadistic" trait. Heck, the most famous slaaneshi units in 40k are noise marines. The artistic themed demons you describe makes for good villains but difficult unit design, or mostly unique characters. A bit in the vein of Jhin from league of legends if you will. The current daemonettes, aren't sexy, nor actually feel perverse, they just look like insectoid raging daemons. The keep of secrets don't have any interesting mood about them either I feel, whereas you can pretty much associate Bloodthirstiers or Great uncleans to what they are supposed to about.

    There should be more aesthetic research for some of the warriors. One of the passions Slaanesh is well known for is pride, adulation etc. Some of his followers are absolutely vain, and the current design don't do this justice, bar the known case of the mirror guard.
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