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albarkhanealbarkhane Registered Users Posts: 2
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@admin : It is first time i post, so if it is not the right place please move it.

I have CD of Medieval Total WaR II from back in the days. The game was installed on a Windows 7 computer and was working properly (Kingdoms extension too by the way). I did not use them for a very long time (several years).

Today, i tried to start the game and got a message saying that i should be admin of my computer. Problem is that i am admin ! So i uninstalled the whole thing, tried to clean as much as possible and install again : same message. I created another admin account on my computer and tried start the game from there but it does not work. I did not try to install the game from that new account, should i ?

Actually now i don't have that message any more but when i try to start the game just nothing happen (actually process is running but nothing happens). Any idea about the problem and how i could solve it ?

EDIT : i read somewhere on internet that i should use Steam so i installed it and add the game there but the CD key is not recognized as a steam product (too much old i presume) so basically when i launch it via Steam it is the same (it is just a shortcut that don't give me admin access i presume).
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  • dge1dge1 Moderator Arkansas, USARegistered Users, Moderators, Knights Posts: 19,508
    It's a MS Windows issue. There is a fix/workaround but you'll have to travel through the MicroSoft labyrinth of Support.

    You'll be better off just buying the game on Steam. It's very cheap, and will work. I know. I have the original discs also, and after fighting the same problem, just went ahead and purchased it several years ago.
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  • CapricornianGoatCapricornianGoat Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 41
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    IIRC it has to do with Microsoft security update KB3086255. Try uninstalling it and keep it from getting installed. I had a lot of issues before in Win7 but this one sitcks out in my mind.

    After I got it going on Win7, I stayed on Win7 just to play the game. After a long while I finally moved to Win10 and saw the game (Definitive Edition) on sale at the time for just over $6. Like dge1 said - it works!

  • albarkhanealbarkhane Registered Users Posts: 2
    Thank you both of you for your hints. The microsoft update is not installed on my computer.

    However, i guess i will have a look on steam and maybe buy the game, it will be easier than spending lots of time exploring.
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