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crash from campaign map

reverent88@web.de[email protected] Registered Users Posts: 1
edited July 2019 in Crashes

Detailed description:
the game crashes to desktop without warning. occurs only on campaign map, or when loading the map instantly when campaign map should appear.
no error messages is shown, flatout crash to desktop.
if the game loads the campaign map succesfully, crashes appear at random during the first 2-3 minutes, only once i made it through the first battle, the game crashed on return to campaing map.
sometimes i can run the campaign benchmark, although when in windowed mode, it crashes when changing focus to another window. this does not take affect when in fullscreen mode.

appears with or without mods installed or activated.

no minidump is being created

Reproduction Steps:
-load campaign map either through starting a campaign or benchmark
-if no crash through or at the end of loading screen, crash will occur within a short time seemingly at random
-alternative, if in windowed mode, and game didnt crash at an instant, either random crash or force the crash by
changing window-focus

Details of any solutions that have already been attempted:
-uninstalled mods
-changing windowed to fullscreen
-restarted steam
-verified game files
-updated graphics driver
-reinstalled game
-restarted pc

*edit-typing error/formating


  • neoiq5719neoiq5719 Registered Users Posts: 187
    The game still crashes to me all the time and I´m not doing anything just looking around reading stats. It looks like the game is trying to probably connect to check if it´s legit and then the CTD. Really annoying.
  • VlaxtociaVlaxtocia Registered Users Posts: 3
    I've started having this exact problem as well, it never happened before now but now it happens frequently enough to make it unplayable.
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