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problems with the variant editor for ca developers/programmers to address

johncagejohncage Registered Users Posts: 256
hi, in this thread i will discuss weak points with the variant editor that may be bugs or unintended design choices that i think gets in the way of more in depth modding

-cannot access local disk(all items from virtual file). this gets in the way of re-editing variant definitions that you saved to hard disc. if creating a larger total conversion type mod as i am attempting to do, i will need to edit hundreds of variant definition, i cannot always keep track of changes, and not being able to quickly review my work is making the task nigh impossible. also sometime i will discover a better model part and i want to edit the unit without doing the whole thing over

-as a side effect of the above feature, variant definitions cannot then refer to existing variant definitions, making the creation of multiple templates for a single unit quite a tedious process. as a lot of the units use pre-made wsmodels, trying to replicate the level of variety becomes not only tedious(as you will need to remake the individual parts) but also because of the memory limit issue which is there for a reason to stability's sake.

-no hero head models(or perhaps i am not finding them due to them being obscurely named files), a lot of the important characters are entire bodies with no individual parts, thus their head/face is part of the model. if i were to recreate the characters wearing alternative clothes, i cannot then use their head model as it is nowhere to be found. my only alternative is to find a random generic head model. this is not ideal

-problem with showing multiple parts. i want to create variety in a unit, so for the helmet slot, i included 2 files. but only the first one shows in the game, same for shoes. i assume this is either a bug or there's some type of flag i'm not toggling?

other modders please feel free to add your own findings regarding issues that may need to be adjusted for the upcoming tool update


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