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Crash to desktop from battle, no minidump

tonivuctonivuc Registered Users Posts: 1
Build: v.1.1.0 10009.1688838

Detailed description:
Playing campaign, entering into a battle 2-5 minutes in, the game window simply closes and the game dissapears from task manager.
Tried in two scenarios, one where I was ambushing, and one where the enemy was breaking a siege.
The time of the crash is not the same every time. So far it has always crashed after the delopment stage. (Once as early as 1-2 seconds after)

I had one instance of the game NOT crashing where I just started the battle (enemy breaking siege), watched the enemy, tabbed out, and later ordered some units around. Finally exiting to desktop once I was losing badly after maybe 10-15 minutes.

Last time I played the game it was stable (June 15th). Now it crashed 3/4 battles. System hardware is the same, but the graphics drivers have been updated since then.

Reproduction Steps:
Enter into a battle and fight normally (I'm sorry I haven't been able to isolate it more)
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