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Changing characters default items

glenndisimoglenndisimo Registered Users Posts: 1
So I'm trying to change the default items that the characters start with in the campaign. In my case, I would like Zhao Yun to have the Blade Blade for example.

I thought that I just had to change the 2 records (3k_main_hero for Romance mode and 3k_main_general for Historical mode I assume?) in land_units in column 'Primary Melee Weapon'.

So I have changed them to:
'3k_main_general_1h095_blue_blade_unique' for key '3k_main_general_metal_zhao_yun'
'3k_main_hero_1h095_blue_blade_unique' for key '3k_main_hero_metal_zhao_yun'

Yet every time I start a new campaign in Romance or Historical as Gongsun Zan, Zhao Yun just has hes default spear.

What am I doing wrong here?


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