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I make guide videos for three kingdoms! Please check me out if you need help with the game!

SeriousTriviaSeriousTrivia Registered Users Posts: 12
Here is sample of my latest guide!


  • LaindeshLaindesh Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 2,045
    edited July 2019
    Pretty nice guide

    Gotta check if you have a reform video, i always end up going down red, then yellow >.<
  • CA_JamesCA_James Registered Users, Moderators, Administrators, CA Staff Mods, CA Staff, Community Team Posts: 438
    Hey, this is a great video! thanks for sharing! Your equation for telling when a building will break even is super interesting, I'm embarrassed to say I just look at the amount of income and think 'Oh free money!' without worrying about the cost at all... this is why I'm always broke...
  • SeriousTriviaSeriousTrivia Registered Users Posts: 12
    edited July 2019
    Thanks @CA_James! I can't believe I got a response from a CA team member! The game is amazing and I really appreciate the hard work from all of you guys!

    Can I make one small request for you to pass on the development team?

    In my latest commandery guide video on Chengdu, one of my subscribers pointed out the building discount on salt mine is different from its color code. The salt mine specialty county is color coded as purple in the game. However it acts like a blue building by giving agriculture building discounts. It also requires blue reforms to unlock and even though it is a mine, it does not receive the -20% cost from the shaft mining reform, which I can understand because it is not really mining in the same sense as jade, iron, and copper. Could you guys change it to blue color code. It would make a lot more sense and shouldn't be a big effort change for the development team.

    Thanks! Also if I keep up the good work, is there anyway I can get my channel featured?
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