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Game freezes when retaking a tower the enemy has captured

CobaltrynoCobaltryno Registered Users Posts: 1
Build: 1.1.0

Detailed description: In battle defending a town the game has been running at a snails pace then freezes if the enemy captures a tower and I capture it back.

Reproduction Steps:
-Play the Quick Save battle.
- let the enemy capture a tower then retake it.
-All relevant files included in the zip folder

The freeze does not generate a .minidump, the other unrelated crashes I have rarely do either.

Details of any solutions that have already been attempted: Put all graphics on the lowest settings, reinstalled all graphics drivers after deleting for my graphics card. Restarted the computer. Channeled Marianne Williamson's Orb Magic.

Please attach .minidump, .save (multiplayer saves from both host and client if it occurs during multiplayer), DxDiag and modified.log files
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