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NetEase Deal Announcement

CA is pleased to announce our partnership with NetEase to bring @totalwar historical games to China, including our new CCG title, Total War: Elysium.

Click here for more info: http://www.bit.ly/CAandNetEase

Check out the official FAQ here: https://www.totalwar.com/blog/netease-deal-announcement-faq/


  • ShermanSherman Member Registered Users Posts: 916
    edited August 2019
    Total war arena is going to be resurrected? only in China? It's a very strange destiny to be honest..... unless he is going to return in the west in matter of months after it make the debut in China.
  • gekjgekj Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 336
    edited August 2019
    chinese players can already get the games....
  • MurthorOathstone12MurthorOathstone12 Registered Users Posts: 76
    From the looks of things it seems like most chinese players don't like this move, because they feel that the company of NetEase is worse than EA games in terms of shady practices and poor treatment of its customers.
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  • RushinterRushinter Registered Users Posts: 4
  • matchbox1585matchbox1585 Registered Users Posts: 16
    all these things are nice but as 3k has only been out for a bit and still has major game breaking issues can we get an update on what the team is doing to resolve them?

    in particular the one that has ruined my enjoyment is the ranged units line of sight issue where they lose track of their target if it gets engaged by a unit between them and their target. then just walk forwards until they are inside their target and just straight up breaks the game...
  • Lotor12Lotor12 Registered Users Posts: 763
    Does it affect the Chinese - American trade war?
  • Combat_WombatCombat_Wombat Registered Users Posts: 4,092
    Well this is... unfortunate. China has a history of forcing change and censorship on the gaming industry. I am not looking forward to new releases after this. CA will make the necessary changes to old games to be released in China and we'll get to keep the originals but anything new I have no doubt will be held back from everyone until it gets the greenlight from China. Well all end up with the Chinese approved version because let's face it, they aren't going to make two versions.

    Sad times we live in.
  • PlushybunnyPlushybunny Registered Users Posts: 34
    Sounds like you're an American, cause for the rest of the world, we're already used to the same behaviour from America. ;)
  • MemnonSBMemnonSB Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 595
    For me is really weird and incomprehensible decision CA.Why You chose one one the worse company in Chine to work thogeter.This comapny have much worse reputation than EA.Looks like CA trying to shoot himself in the foot in China market.
  • KotovskyKotovsky Member Registered Users Posts: 226
    Look like Gelt is asian now.
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