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Any news about the campaign bug with the Lizardmen? Is it still the same problem?

dacurtdacurt Registered Users Posts: 109
edited August 2019 in General Discussion
If you dont know this bug: In campaigns with the Lizardmen (I have only tried with the Cult of Sotek), at a certain time (it is not known exactly what triggers it but it is usually with the activation of the event to obtain the Lord Kroak) when starting a new turn your armies stop being able to move on the campaign map even if they have all the movement available. The same goes for agents. After several actions trying to unlock the situation, all the armies and characters disappear from the map, even if they are there they cannot be seen or moved. The only thing that works (and not always) is to activate the battle of missions (usually that of Lord Kroak) by teleport. The problem is not solved completely because throughout the campaign can find many events (such as Treasure Islands) that activate this bug again.

This bug has been present since the launch of the DLC - The Prophet and the Warlock (April 17, 2019). Since then we have not received any solution or useful answer from CA (to my knowledge).

I would like to know if there has been any change, have you given any solution or statement about the status of this bug?


  • FossowayFossoway Registered Users Posts: 5,030
    I think it has been fixed a long time ago in a patch? At the very least no one is complaining about it anymore. I've finished two Cult of Sotek campaign since then and have not encountered the bug.
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