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Multiplayer game crash - Lot's of data hopefully can be solved.

lolgodlolgod Registered Users Posts: 4
Throughout a multiplayer campaign my friend and I have done I have had a crash here and there. It involved the game stuttering for less than a second, where the sound will stop, and then the game will freeze and crash to the desktop about 5 seconds later. We weren't sure what's been triggering it, and still aren't sure, but now late in the campaign we are wiping out the purple chaos army and every time they get wiped out my game will crash. We're pretty sure it is related to the "This faction has been destroyed" banner going off, or the notification of a faction being wiped out, because we were able to change things up where they didn't automatically fight and played 2-3 more turns. After these turns, they attacked, were wiped out, and my game crashed again.

This is super frustrating, and I hope my **** ton of crash dumps, all from the same thing, continuosly, will help solve it for future players and maybe even my current go around.

It might also just be the save file, I know that happens, but since we could change the game up a bit and the turns went on it really makes us believe it's chaos spawning/despawning related.

If you need some other files/questions please feel free to ask me or add me on steam if you DM me I'll answer.

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