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DLC for Warhammer 2 Insectsfaction with own unit ideas

klausburgerklausburger Registered Users Posts: 6
-with swords or Lances
- with Shield and Sword or Lances
- with armour Shield and Sword or halberds against anti large and armour pircing
-with two swords imperturbable and suporter unit have some armour

missle Units :
-Ants who spit acid no armour weak against armour
-termites armour pircing missle damage

mosquitoes as flying shockcavalery

locusts with Sword or Lances Lances against large Units


mantis anti large Monster Amour pircing damage
Goliath beetle against infantry armour pircing Damage
giant Butterfly against infantry flying Monster

Bombadier beetle shoots steam against infantry and Amour pircing Damage


Ant hero with armour and schield and Sword against infantry
mount: locust
cockroach wizard with new insect magic and beast magic

mount: locust

Antqueen is a wizard special ability can shoot a egg with 120 ants with Sword no armour

Ant with armour and shild and lance against large Units

mount: mantis or locust or stag beetle

I hope this idea will be a dlc in the real game warhammer 2 :)


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