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Spotify Playlists for each faction!

AdopotatoAdopotato Registered Users Posts: 19
Boasting over 1000 tracks!
15 Playlists with 3 hours at least of themed music for each faction, Enough to keep you satisfied and immersed in your game. Expect each playlist to grow over time!


Heres the link for my TWWH Playlists


This is an ongoing project where ill continuously scour the Spotify libraries in search of great tunes (grueling task I know, **eats Tim tam dipped in hot chocolate*). That being said I NEED YOUR HELP! Please if you have suggestions or you come across a song that doesn't belong in a playlist, LET ME KNOW! id love this to be a community-driven project.

We all know how easy it is to sink hours upon HOURS into this terrific game (thanks CA!) So lately I've been working on making playlists for each faction to help spice up everyone's campaigns. The goal of these playlists is to bring a new experience to you, the Player! Each faction having their own unique themes relative to their culture, for example, Chaos has a very intense and dark vibe whereas Wood Elves enjoy a more vibrant and tranquil feel. Some factions were downright frustrating to find the right music for (looking at you lizardmen) but I'm quite satisfied with what I got now, hence why I'm making this public :)


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