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Help appreciated

sassbarmansassbarman Registered Users Posts: 48
edited August 2019 in Community Mods
Sorry gents I’m new to modding files so forgive me for what I’m sure is an easy question to answer but what do I have to do with a pack file before dropping a modded file into my data folder. If it matters I’m trying to use the “arrow trails” mod for 3k and it requires me to insert a modded file into my data folder. Thanks in advance!


  • KambienKambien Registered Users Posts: 7
    Your question is a bit broad, but generally if you generate a pack file with bob, or download one from a mod you can just put the pack file in your data folder and the mod should show up on your mod manager in the launcher. If you want a mod you created to be more compatible with other mods, then you need to open the pack file in a Pack File Manager (PFM) then rename the data files you edited, open them up and delete anything you did not edit for your mod.

    If your trying to merge mods, thats a bit more complicated and I suggest you look for guides on how to do that.
    There are many tutorials that can help you learn more. Generally tutorials for warhammer and rome 2 work with 3kingdoms, with a few small modifications.
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