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Big BUG in Attila Siege Battles

XaqueXaque Registered Users Posts: 1
First of, I absolutely love the Total War series, and especially Attila. However, there is this bug that appears and ruins what is supposed to be one of the most exciting parts of the game - Siege Battles. I will first specify when I have experienced this bug.

The (apparent) conditions:
You are the defending faction in a siege battle
The settlement is walled (whether the walls are intact or not doesn't seem to matter).
The attacker doesn't field battering rams or catapults/ballista of any kind, only uses siege towers and ladders.

The bug:
The attacker is acting as they should in the beginning of the battle, moving their towers and ladders towards my walls with the rest of their army behind it. Eventually one of their towers reaches the walls - often being targeted by my ranged units - and their soldiers exit the siege tower onto my walls. Im not sure what exactly triggers this, but the attackers units that are now on my walls won't engage with any of my units if none were stationed at the point they breached. They just stand there. Also as soon as this first tower reaches my walls, ALL THE OTHER TOWERS AND LADDERS STOP ADVANCING. Also, all of the attackers units that are not pushing towers/ladders (or standing still next to them at this point) start running back and forth across the battlefield, breaking formation left and right. However they never move towards the walls or my men. If I wait this out, the battle ends in a draw.

I can move my army outside the walls and engage the attacker head on, no walls, and that will break the bug (the attacker will engage my men as normal) if I get close enough to the biggest chunk of the attackers forces. But I'm defending a city for Christ sake, that is so not the point of what is going on!!! If I'm at a disadvantage in numbers its practically suicide. But that is beside the point because I shouldn't have to leave my settlement in the first place. I should get to use all the perks of defending a city. This bug really ruins a big part of the game and it occurs in EVERY BATTLE like this (defender, walled city etc etc). I really hope you guys try to fix this terrible bug, it's like a huge bird ****-stain on a beautiful red Ferrari. A DAMN SHAME!

Sorry for spelling and grammar mistakes, english is my 2nd language.
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