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Heroic win in custom battle with last units,funny loose in replay

PromaGPromaG Registered Users Posts: 13
I bought today Thrones of Brittania and I play custom 40x40 battle - whole battle was around 24 minutes,at the end enemy has around 9 heavy damaged units and I got 1 heavy damaged cavalry unit and 3 little/medium damaged archers units...
AI attack my archers with all those units - when charge of one of them impact on my archers I move all 3 archers units backwards and trying to stop them with my damaged cavalry(attacking every one of them one by one) - archers shooting from small distance and almost every shot breaking enemy units morale - so they starting to flee one by one(i think I loose but that was miracle) until they all escape and I win with almost no men...So I save replay and watch it...

On replay my tactical supremacy was as follows:

All battle looks almost same until last 5 minutes until enemy attack me with those damaged units but then - Ai perform unit charge into my archers and in this moment my cavalry should ATTACK THEM and archers move backward and still shooting - instead of that after AI charge all my archers loosing morale and start to escape last 3 minutes of replay and enemy take some formations meantime and do nothing.

So my question is:

All Total War games replays looks like this(mean completely random ending)?? Because in that case it's should not be called REPLAY but "Simulation" of battle or something similar...
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