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Laptop for total war up to warhammer 2?

Voske5678Voske5678 Posts: 2Registered Users
I have seen a few discussions about gaming laptops bu they always want the highest performance, i am looking for a laptop for med to high setting. I have the ASUS TUF Gaming FX504GE-EN025R in my sights and i was wondering if it was any good for warhammer 2.


  • psychoakpsychoak Posts: 2,482Registered Users
    Everything but the video card is solid for medium to high.

    Ideally, you're going to want to get a 1060 or higher. The 1050 Ti is more of a low to medium, than a medium to high. It should run quite nicely at medium, but it will probably dive a good bit during large battles where there are a lot of particle trails and stuff going off.

    It will definitely have substantial dips at high quality in large battles.
  • Voske5678Voske5678 Posts: 2Registered Users
    @psychoak thanks i've set my eye on the Acer Nitro 5 AN517-51-74EA. You think that would be better?
  • psychoakpsychoak Posts: 2,482Registered Users
    Much. High should be very solid, you'll be able to do mostly ultra settings. The processor on that model is faster too.

    That system is insufficiently cooled and won't do full performance as a result, but it's still going to be substantially superior to the other. If you can find a good deal on a better cooled system(look at reviews) I'd go with another product over the Acer, but the specifications are very good for that price, even with the handicap.
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